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Founders and Lead Writers


Charlotte Hunter 

Hola! I’m Charlotte, I’m 21 and I’m from a little Town called Bedford! Being a part of Generation Z has enabled me to let my passion for Journalism and the Media thrive through the use of like-minded students! I love shopping and going out for cocktails with my gal pals!


Beth Huthart 

Hi! I’m Beth, I’m 22 and from South Shields. My main interests are music and memes. Being part of Generation Z for me is about creating something that I would have liked to read during my time at University.


Talha Javaid 

As-salamu alaykum, bonjour, hello. I’m Talha, call me Tal. For me being part of Generation Z is to create something that is new and is relatable to our target audience. My interests include going to the gym, listening to Bollywood music and eating. My life motto is “live for today, strive for tomorrow.”

Hanifa Kamal Hanifa.jpg

Hey, I’m Hanifa (ha-knee-far). I am a meme and cat enthusiast. I enjoy surfing the Internet looking at stock photos and GIFS. Generation Z has allowed the team and I to collaborate on content that matters to us.


Ibrahim Ajaib

Jess Chumber 

Beth Judge

Kellie Sadler


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