What We Miss About MSN

MSN, an instant messaging service, was popular in the mid 00s where times were much simpler. Though there are various instant messaging service today, nothing will ever compare to MSN. Here’s what we miss about MSN.


Types of People on Twitter & Facebook

If you scroll through your timelines on social media, you quickly come to realise that there are different types of people who post different types of things. Generation Z investigates the types of people on social media.

Types of Memes

Memes are a staple to Internet culture. You will most likely come across a meme on almost any platform on social media. It is inevitable that you’ve been tagged/sent in a meme, or tagged/sent others in one. Memes have developed over time, which has created a fragmented economy of memes. Generation Z explores the types of memes you will find on the Internet.

How the Internet Has Allowed Lonely People to Connect

The Internet – perhaps one of the most powerful tools that mankind has created. It has made humans who have never met before form relationships and bonds over interests and hobbies that can’t be formed in the real world. Generation Z explores how the Internet has made lonely people feel just a little less lonely.

The Evolution of YouTube Vloggers

YouTube launched in 2005 as a platform to share videos to anyone worldwide. Since then, it has transformed into a platform where videoing your life can make you virtually famous. Vlogging has changed drastically since its introduction to the world. Generation Z explores.

When Does a Trend/Meme Stop Becoming Cool?

Trends/Memes are a staple to most of a Millennial’s and Gen Z’s culture. They manifest into our virtual lives and even real life. Trends/Memes fizzle in and out of our lives. We look back on certain Trends/Memes and cringe how it was such a popular craze. But when can we pinpoint exactly when a trend/meme stops being cool? Generation Z investigates.


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