Stay Cool with Stylish Beachwear for 2017

Generation Z explores all the must have items you need for the long summer days and nights down at the beach with your friends.


Makeup Trends Gone Mad

This article outlines some of the most bizarre and creative methods Generation Z has come across during this recent phenomena.

Coachella 2017 Festival Fashion

Generation Z takes a look at all the best outfits from one of America's biggest festivals Coachella and see what festival trends the celebs have set that will be making a big stand this summer in our high street shops.

Fashion Accessory Throwbacks

Apple bottom jeans, boots with the fur, all these fashion throwbacks would have had you looking at her. Here are some of generation Z’s famous girly fashion trends from back in the day, have a scroll and see if you debuted any of these undoubtedly head turning looks!

Student Friendly Retailers – The Go-To Student Shops

Want to look on trend this summer? Be ahead of the game, step outside your comfort zone and impress your pals by changing your regular shopping regime and trying out Generation Z’s top student shops. You may have heard of most of these retailers but some are even fresh to Generation Z’s ears too.

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