UK General Election 2017 – What You Need to Know

Written by Hanifa Kamal


Theresa May triggered a general election – yes, another one – which will take place on 8th June 2017. With a month to go, it seems as though the nation is stuck between the Conservatives and Labour. Though there are various other parties running for power this year, people seem to forget that they are running. Generation Z brings you a few, simple tips to keep in mind to the lead up of the election.

Register to vote

You cannot vote if you are not on the system. It takes under 5 minutes to register, so there’s no excuse not to! Click here to take yourself to the government website to register.

Do your research

There is no doubt that you will be receiving a collection of leaflets posted through your door. You can base your decision on who to vote based on these leaflets, or you can take a quiz to see which party your core values match up with. Read each party’s manifesto. See who you local party is. Do not be swayed by the media or voting for a party just because your friend is. Remember, this is your vote. Click here for a quiz.


This may seem obvious, you should utilise your vote! Did you know that those who are 18-25 are less inclined to vote and have the lowest turnout out of the demographics? This is perhaps to to the idea that people don’t think that their vote counts. It does!


We are lucky to live in a country where we can vote. Have your say. This is our future.




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