Review| DJ Khaled – “I’m the One” ft. Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance the Rapper, Lil Wayne

Written by Charlotte Hunter


Once again, DJ Khaled has bought big music names together to create yet another track where in which he can shout ‘another one’ or ‘DJ KHALLLLEEEED’ on. This one is slightly different however as it features none other than Justin Bieber, so we expected to be treated to musical genius as we haven’t heard from Bieber since 2016! But we were very disappointed with the outcome.

The single dropped on Friday the 28th of April and after a couple of plays our ears were definitely bleeding. The track not only features Bieber, but also has verses by the likes of Quavo, Chance the Rapper, and Lil Wayne. Whilst these rap verses break up the track nicely, our ears are permanently scarred by the chorus by Bieber.

“I’m the one, yeah oh-eh-oh oh-eh-oh
I’m the one oh-eh-oh oh-eh-oh
I’m the only one oh-eh-oh oh-eh-oh
I’m the one oh-eh-oh oh-eh-oh
I’m the only one”

It’s fair to say that the track is catchy – but it’s catchy in a bad way. It also kind of reminds us of Rebecca blacks ‘Friday’ because it’s that painfully repetitive.

Because the track was produced by DJ Khaled, the music video was bound to be as cringe as the lyrics. The music video starts with Khaled proposing a mixture of motivational words as always as he speaks on the phone and then proceeds to show the rappers and singer partying it up in a Californian Mansion with half-dressed models dancing around them of course.

Khaled has been excited about the release of the song all of last week using his son Ashad to promote it as he features on the singles front cover.

Whilst he looks adorable, the poor boy is not even a year old and his face has been plastered across single covers across the globe.

We do worry for his future with a father like Khaled.

The track also caused controversy amongst YouTube viewers as they speculated the fact that Khaled should even be allowed to be featured as the main performer on the track (Which is very much true).



Overall the single is chaotic, confusing and cringe worthy from start to finish. 2.5/10 from us at Generation Z magazine.


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