How To Get Sh!t Done

Written by Beth Huthart


After 3 years at University I think I’ve finally cracked this ‘getting work done’ thing. I say this but I definitely struggled to actually get into doing my work. Something online always distracted me and because most of my work involved a computer in some shape or form, it was impossible to get away from. So here are my top 5 tips that helped me get through 3 years of assignments and my dissertation.

1) Create a work playlist

I find it almost impossible to work in silence so background noise is essential. If you’re the same create a playlist to work to or browse streaming services such as Spotify for a playlist; not only will this help you concentrate but you might also find new music.

Playlist Recommendations

Girls Literally Yell Every Time You Play These Songs

Acoustic Skate

Pop Punk Perfection

All Out 90s

Disney Channel Throwback

TIP: Spotify offer a student discount on their premium service, so say goodbye to ads and take advantage of their student discount while you can:

2. Choose an album and work for the length of it

Another music based one I recommend is to choose a full album and tell yourself you’re going to work for the full length of it and then give yourself a break.  Most albums are verging on an hour so you can get quite a bit of work done in that time!

My Top Recommendations

3. Clean your working space

Whether you work at a desk, bed, or wherever you choose to work, there is nothing worse than trying to concentrate whilst there is a huge mess surrounding you. Before you start working on that essay clean your space, throw away all of those stray pieces of paper with notes on that you don’t need anymore, put your pens away etc. You’ll be able to concentrate better and you’ll have accomplished something before you even start.

4. Write a List

I don’t know about you, but if I make a list of everything I need to do in a day (add even the small things like catch up on a TV show, food shopping, making your bed etc) I feel more motivated to actually do things because let’s be honest -ticking everything off on a “To Do” list is one of the best feelings on this earth.

Treat yourself to some new stationary to write those lists






5. Reward Yourself

This helped when I was swamped with long readings to do for classes, once you’ve read a chapter or a big section of a reading or written a certain number of words reward yourself with an episode of a TV show, a YouTube video, a snack – anything to motivate yourself through those long hours at your desk!



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