REVIEW| Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

Written by Talha Javaid

As a biased Marvel Fan, I have to say I was incredibly surprised by this sequel, it was somewhat lighter than the first film and never the less worked as a narrative. Generation Z gives you an overlook of the film.

The movie begins with a flashy opening sequence where The Guardians, including baby Groot, fight a monstrous beast to protect the batteries of a planet. The whole sequence follows baby Groot as he moves around successfully avoiding every attack whist we see everyone involved within the film. The sequence is funky and cool, with vibrant colours that sort of set an expectation for the movie.

Marvel always prevail in giving every character their own heroic moments and this is exactly what Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 does. Each individual character has their moment of shine which fits into the narrative structure of the movie, every scene is well choreographed and shot beautifully.

In this movie we finally learn the origin of Peter Quill’s birth, the reason for his existence and we also meet his father, and that is all we can tell you, but ultimately Peter learns that family doesn’t end with blood.

As always there’s the comedic one liners, slapstick humour, and the mixture of Rocket the Raccoon, baby groot and Draxx really brings light to what could be a dark movie.  What I really loved was the importance of Baby Groot, how effectively he did the heavy living despite being so tiny. As a fan, these are the moments that really touches your heart and make you think holy shit, this is why I LOVE MARVEL!


Despite an underwhelming ending, the movie as a whole works, the end credits are also worth a watch because they are different to any other Marvel Films’ end credits. But do stay for the post credit scenes, there are three in total, all of which are worth the watch, though only one gives a preview of what is going to happen next in the third chapter of solo Guardian’s movie.

Comparing to the first movie, this movie was much less intense in terms of the villain but he served his purpose, the side plots worked but only due to interesting writing and beautiful acting. Over all Generation Z gives this movie a 8/10 because of outstanding dialogue and incredible visual effects.


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