Makeup Trends Gone Mad

Written by Charlotte Hunter

Many people use make up for reasons individual to them – whether it’s for confidence art or something other – there is definitely no denying that make up is marvellous! But what ever happened to the days where we used to apply our Maybelline dream matte mouse with nothing but our bare hands? Today, people will apply their makeup with literally anything! This article outlines some of the most bizarre and creative methods Generation Z has come across during this recent phenomena.

Trends for Foundation

The Ballbagballbag

Yes, you read that right. I did indeed say Ballbag. If you haven’t come across this video on social media yet, them I’m sure it will make its way onto your timeline in the next few days. The video shows 18 year old Johnna Hines applying her foundation with none other than her boyfriend’s Testicles.

How does this situation even come about? What we really want to know is if it actually worked! Not that we’d be willing to have a face full of sweaty scrotum but it’s always good to know I guess in case you do lose your beauty blender, right??


The Condom

The condom has also been listed as a great way to apply your foundation. Who knew that make up would turn so sexual? However, this one has some logic. Using a condom over your beauty blender supposedly prevents the Beauty blender from absorbing and wasting tons of product. So if you’re a hard up student and want to save yourself from buying too many bottles of foundation, just whack a condom over your beauty blender and you’ll be well on your way to getting out of your -£1000 overdraft.

Trends for Eyes


Eyes one of the most attractive features on the face and usually draw the most attention. We’d do anything to make them stand out and look even better. Vaseline, (petroleum jelly) is rumoured to deliver exceptional conditioning and moisturising for eyelashes that are dry and brittle. It helps them grow longer, thicker, and stronger apparently! The best way to apply Vaseline to your eyelashes is to use a clean mascara brush to apply and leave them to condition over night! Who knew ay!


We’ve seen a fair share of eyes brow trends recently- from the Scouse brow to the feather brow! But why not save yourself from cringing from these trends when your 20 years older looking back at photos and just keep your natural ones in tip top trim!

Trends for Mouth

Suction cups


Suction cups were all the rage when Kylie Jenner went from having lips as thin as A4 sheets of paper to looking like a baboon’s behind. Whilst the suction cups do work! They only last for a matter of a few minutes before returning back to their original shape. When this trend first started social media was filled with suction cup fails. So we strongly advise that you don’t take this beauty tip on board.

Trends for Skincare

Sparkling Water

We get that sparkling water is grim to drink but using it as a face cleanser, really?! Someone in South Korea even use this as a beauty treatment. The process is soaking the face in the water, or soaking cotton pads with carbonated mineral water and dabbing them onto the skin. The treatment is reported to make your skin clearer and brighter so pop down to your local Tesco and stock up on some highland spring sparkling water.


These beauty trends are very out of the ordinary but give them a shot and tell us what you think! We may even post your reviews! Email us at





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