Coachella 2017 Festival Fashion

Written by Charlotte Hunter


The sun is out and the late summer evenings have just begun and festival season is just about to take off into full swing. So we definitely need some outfit inspo! Generation Z takes a look at all the best outfits from one of America’s biggest festivals Coachella and see what festival trends the celebs have set that will be making a big stand this summer in our high street shops.

Vannessa Hudgens .png
Vanessa Hudgens (Queen of Coachella)

It’s like Vanessa Hudgens was born to wear festival wear. Year after year she debuts amazing looks and she always pulls them off effortlessly. This year Hudgens opted for something simple but effective with black shorts and a detailed black bralet but it’s all about the accessories that make this outfit amazing. The big black chunky boots, hat and light patterned kimono pull this piece together! We can’t wait to see what she wears next year.


Why is Rihanna so cool without even trying? The Barbadian Singer and Songwriter wore a glitter unitard underneath a simple white vest and denim shorts. She managed to pull it of impressively. The star even knew she looked good when she captioned her Instagram post “I can’t go home yet, cuz enough people ain’t seen my outfit.” She also finished off her look with some big black chunky boots, we’re starting to see a trend here…

Nicole Scherzinger .png
Nicole Scherzinger

Looking similar to Vanessa Hudgens, Nicole Scherzinger also opted for black boots and a hat perfectly accompanied with a black mesh dress and denim jacket. It’s fair to say she looked “shamazing” as she would so wittingly put herself.

The Weeknd

The Weeknd and Selena Gomez were turning heads at this year’s Coachella as they went even more public by smooching in front of cameras at the festival. And whilst we weren’t so keen on Selena’s bright blue flowered dress and bandana/handkerchief. We loved Abels rather interesting deep blue check or striped (we’ll let you make your mind up) shirt. He definitely out dressed his new girlfriend on this occasion by completing his outfit with some super suave rounded sunglasses.

Cam NEwton.png
Cam Newton

For those of you who don’t know who Cam Newton is, He’s an American football quarterback for the Carolina Panthers of the National Football League, or is he a fashion forward trend setter because that’s what he appeared to be at this year’s festival! The Footballer plucked up the courage to wear a flamboyant floral two piece topped with shades like Abel and a straw hat. Whilst this look might be too much for some guys we certainly admired Newton’s fashion pick this weekend.

Trends to Look Out For This Summer

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