Types of People on Twitter & Facebook

Written by Hanifa Kamal


If you scroll through your timelines on social media, you quickly come to realise that there are different types of people who post different types of things. Generation Z investigates the types of people on social media.

The Over Sharer

This is the person you will see on your timeline who thinks they are on a reality TV show and feel the need to share EVERY aspect of their life. From relationships, to fall outs, you feel like you know this personal on a deep level even though you briefly spoke to them once about how terrible the weather was. You will feel deeply invested in their dramatized life and feel #blessed that you don’t have to deal with this type of headache in your life.

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 17.05.19.png

The Social Justice Warrior

You will see the social justice warrior bombarding your feed with their rants on “checking your privilege”. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being angry at the world’s injustices, especially living in the Trump era. However, dedicating your whole Internet life to picking fights with people who genuinely may not know what “cisgender” means may not be the most effective way to educate people.

The Frequent Updater

We all have at least one person on their timeline who without fail updates a status. Perhaps this is on a daily basis, or even worse, an hourly basis. You will become familiar with the “Mute” and “Hide this from my newsfeed” features once you’ve established the frequent updater. The Frequent Updater may have similar qualities to The Over Sharer.

The Lurker

This person is the complete opposite from the frequent updater. Their last status was in 2012, and you only see them update their social media once in a blue moon. They like people’s posts, perhaps even comment if they’re feeling daring.

They’re somewhat mysterious, but in reality, they don’t know what to put on social media.

The lurker is most likely to be someone who despises the frequent updater.

The Parent

The parent can be a parent to an actual human child, or an animal. Both types of parents like to share photos of their child(ren) on a regular basis. You will be the first to know if their baby has started to walk. You will also know if Oscar the cat just threw up on the bed. Some will find this endearing, others will find this annoying – depends on what type of person you are.

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 17.04.13.png

The “Just Checked In”

This user loves to check in EVERYWHERE. I don’t mean just checking in at the Airport to go to Azerbaijan – that’s pretty impressive. I mean checking into your local Morrisons because you “have no bread omg!” We get it, you leave the house like a social butterfly you are.

The “I’ve Got Some Big News” User

This user is similar to lurker – a rare poster – however when they have something to post, it becomes breaking news within your social bubble. You know when this person updates their social media; it’s worth looking at. They’ve either got their dream graduate job, or have just signed a lease to their home. Any post they have gets 100’s of interactions as their posts come once in a blue moon. You’re low-key jealous but also actually happy for them.


Your timeline would be boring and incomplete without these types of people on your feed. People like to share their lives with others, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Though some users may be a tad irritating, or come off as ‘humble brags’, it gives us an insight into people’s lives. Next time you’re scrolling through your feeds, try and see which type of user people are. Even better, try and categorize yourself. This may be a revelation for you.


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