Long Lost Pop Music Artists- Where Are They Now?

Written by Charlotte Hunter


You hear one of their foot tapping head bopping hits on the radio then stop to think hmmm I wonder what ever happened to them ? There’s always that handful of popular music artists who disappear out of nowhere, well luckily you have Generation Z to do some research and tell you where they are now!

Natasha and Daniel Bedingfield


We all remember Daniel Bedingfield’s first single, “Gotta Get Thru This” . It congregated energy through the UK garage music scene, and peaked at number one on the UK Singles Chart once upon a time. He also had very memorable hits with ― “If You’re Not The One” and “Never Gonna Leave Your Side”. But where is he now because we’ve not heard anything from him since the early 2000’s!? Well apparently, Bedingfield spends his time writing for a number of well-known music artists. Surprisingly, He co-wrote “I Wanna Feel” by SecondCity (we didn’t know either) .

Daniel has also spent time working in the studio with K-pop group Spica including co-producing their first English language single “I Did It”.

In 2015 he co-wrote the song “Testify” which was included on The X Factor UK 2014 winner Ben Haenow’s self-titled debut studio album. Since February 2016 Bedingfield has even appeared in the West End musical The War Of The Worlds as The Artilleryman. So if you thought he was deceased like we did, he alive and living and doing pretty damn well for himself.
But what about his sister Natasha?
Natasha Bedingfield, like her brother, is also British singer and songwriter. She released her debut album, Unwritten, in 2004. It relished international success with more than 2.3 million copies sold worldwide. Like her brother, she is still working within the music industry by producing new music of her own. The singer is also married to Matt Robinson a successful businessman from California!

Enrique Iglesias

Enrique Iglesias .png


Who remembers this tall dark and handsome spanish heartthrob?

Best known for his heartbreaking song ‘Hero’ enrique once added some spanish spice to the charts, but more recently, Iglesias has been in Cuba to film a music video for his song, Súbeme La Radio which features Descemer Bueno, and Zion y Lennox. Not only this, The Singer has also been involved in American shows such as Two and a Half men and How I Met Your Mother.

Why aren’t his hits so big over this side of the pond anymore? We loved you Enrique.

Kate Nash


Kate Nash is reported to have gone from Nando’s waitress to global pop success in a matter of months! But we haven’t heard from her in years is she back to selling peri peri chicken?

Best known for her lyrical genius hit of ‘foundations’ the singer is now blonde and looks completely different she also is still in the music industry with a prominent following in America!

Will Young


Will Young is best known for being the winner of pop idol in 2002. But we can kind of understand why this pop singers not really in the charts anymore. Whilst his song ‘I think I better leave right now’ was an absolute banger he’s a tad outdated for our age demographic.

Young recently caused some controversy in 2016 after he made a dramatic exit from strictly rumoured to have cost him around 20K!!

Now the singer is hanging on to his singing career and is performing at some smaller concerts in the UK.




The self proclaimed ‘rapper’ a.k.a Mr Worldwide, hasn’t been making much of a show in the charts this year! But we may be talking too soon as we are just approaching summer and that’s when he usually drops his summer anthems. However, we’ve done some research and it appears that the artist is planning on collaborating with other artists as per usual! We think his cringeworthy songs are dying a death! We think he should stick to partying on a yachts #Daleh.

Cher Lloyd


Cher Lloyd was a bit like Marmite you either loved her or hated her and after finding fame on the X-factor it looked like she was headed for big fame, which she did with songs such as ‘with ur love’ but shortly after found famed she fell out with her mentor Cheryl Cole after she digged her out in an interview when asked ‘would you ever sing next to Cheryl’ she replied ‘Yeah if she sung live’. Recently the two have become friends again so it seems as if Cher is building bridges! Funnily enough she’s actually starting to look like her mentor too! Cher moved to America and found some fame there but she too has recently moved back to the UK career.


It seems that all of these artist are still trying to hang on to their musical pasts but we are not too sure they’ll be able to make it as big as they once were. Competing with fresh new talent is challenging especially when you associate these artists with a typical time period, but we wish them luck.



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