Fashion Accessory Throwbacks

Written by Charlotte Hunter

Apple bottom jeans, boots with the fur, all these fashion throwbacks would have had you looking at her. Here are some of generation Z’s famous girly fashion trends from back in the day, have a scroll and see if you debuted any of these undoubtedly head turning looks!

“The Just Do It Bag”


If you didn’t have one of these or were not aware of the trend, you definitely must have been living under a rock. These hand sized unisex back packs were the ultimate prize piece of fashion chav world.

You were definitely pushing the boundaries if you purchased a McKenzie one too.

The Big pearl Necklace with The “Legit” Pearls From Primarni


This big pearl necklace was the statement of your whole outfit. It didn’t matter If the pearls looked trashy as ever and weighed your neck down to the floor, because if you had this necklace you were definitely fashion forward.

The Shoelace for a Headband


Looking back, this look was definitely one of the most bizarre, but we can kind of see the logic behind it! Couldn’t afford a headband and wanted something to make our hair look cute so we made our own by chucking a shoelace in our barnet’s.

We might have to bring this look back being students and all.

The Shag Bands


These multi-coloured wrist bands caused quite the controversy during our school years. The shag band was a bracelet made of rubbery plastic and to begin with it was typically worn by grungers and punks until the trend spread to pretty much the whole school. If you snapped someone’s bracelet you had to do whatever that colour accorded. However, after people discovered the true meaning behind them they were quick to be banned from schools across the UK. Here’s a quick reminder of what some of the colours meant:

  • Black – sex
  • Blue – blow job
  • Pink – flash
  • Yellow – big hug
  • Purple – kiss
  • Clear – whatever snapper chooses
  • Green – fingering
  • Glow in the dark – sex toys
  • Glitter – girl chooses
  • Indigo – hand-job with blowjob
  • Orange – petting

The Big Waist Belt


These big belts usually worn in black or brown were usually placed around your waist over your top or just at the top of your jeans. This belt, like the pearl necklace, was an exclusive buy from Primark. Come to think of it, this trend is fairly similar to the corset waist belt that’s happening right now, first started than none other than Kylie Jenner.

The Jane Norman Plastic Bag


Why did we think it was acceptable to pass this off as an actual bag?

If you had one of these it meant you were a fashion regular at this girly shop. Chucking your PE clothes in this bad boy bag enabled everyone know that you didn’t just shop at any old retailer! You were a Jane Norman spice.

Let us know if you can remember any famous fashion trends from our early years by commenting on this blog post or telling us on social media @generationzmag!


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