Throwback Songs to our Emo Days

Written by Beth Huthart

Emo days – we all had them whether they were fully fledged or just enjoying the odd song here and there…and some of us are still in our emo phase. Here are our favourite songs from those times!

1) Welcome To The Black Parade – My Chemical Romance (2006)


The second you hear those iconic piano notes everyone is taken back to the first time they heard this emo anthem.   Not only is this song iconic but the journey through the album of the same name is something everyone should experience.

2) The Middle – Jimmy Eat World (2001)


Although this track was written when the band were dropped from their record label the lyrics were important for other reasons. People took these lyrics and applied it to their lives where they didn’t fit in with the norm. And lets be honest here, the tag line of emo kids everywhere was ‘I’m not like everyone else

3) I Write Sins Not Tragedies – Panic! At The Disco (2005)


Panic! At The Disco have changed both musically and line up wise since this song was released but this is the epitome of ‘old panic’. If you can listen to this without doing the whole ‘covering your mouth when Brendon sings ‘whore’’, then you’ve got more willpower than me.

4) Dirty Little Secret – All American Rejects (2005)


We didn’t have anyone to keep out ‘dirty little secret’ when we were singing along to this anthem but that didn’t stop us!


5) Thnks Fr Th Mmrs – Fall Out Boy (2007)


Ahh emo Pete Wentz with his eye liner and swept fringe, what a time to be alive. But also Kim Kardashian featured in this video…I’m still sad we didn’t see her in full emo dress up im not going to lie.

6) The Anthem – Good Charlotte (2002)


Even though our parents are quite cool this was still a favourite song even though the lyrics were a massive ‘don’t try and tell me what to do with my life I’ll do what I want’ to everyone who was trying to control not just us but Good Charlotte.

7) Fat Lip – Sum 41 (2001)


Okay, we love this song but there is no bigger disappointment than when your headphones started to break and you could only hear half of the opening of this song…you all know what we mean right?

8) Welcome To My Life – Simple Plan (2000)


I can see a trend with the lyrics here. This song is a classic song for the underdogs whilst also being a ‘you’ll never understand me!’ song, these aren’t bad things either, we all needed this type of song as angsty teenagers.

9) I Miss You – Blink 182 (2003)


We could have included Blink 182’s classic ‘All The Small Things’ here but ‘I Miss You’ just has that fully emo edge to it. I mean it references Jack and Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas…what could be more emo than that?

10) Jersey – Mayday Parade (2007)


‘I’m just gone beyond repair’
‘This is me breaking down’

Standard emo lyrics, in fact Mayday Parade had countless emo songs, Miserable at Best anyone?

11) MakeDamnSure – Taking Back Sunday (2006)


‘I just want to break you down so badly’ emo romance at its finest.

12) I Caught Fire – The Used (2004)


Lead singer Bert McCracken was bff’s with My Chemical Romance’s Gerard Way back in the day and that brought me so much joy.

13) Dear Maria, Count Me In – All Time Low (2007)


Now…this isn’t necessarily emo but it was definitely one of those songs that still holds lots of memories of the emo days. Did anyone know who Maria is yet? The woman or the monkey?

14) Last Resort – Papa Roach (2000)


I don’t really need to say anything about this song it speaks for itself.

15) Before I Forget – Slipknot (2004)


Slipknot were a classic staple of an emo music collection and were a lot of people’s introduction to screamo and the heavier side of rock. Not only were they a favourite then but they’re still a favourite now.



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