Types of Memes

Written by Hanifa Kamal

Memes are a staple to Internet culture. You will most likely come across a meme on almost any platform on social media. It is inevitable that you’ve been tagged/sent in a meme, or tagged/sent others in one. Memes have developed over time, which has created a fragmented economy of memes. Generation Z explores the types of memes you will find on the Internet.

The Classic/Old School Meme

The classic, old school meme are timeless memes that will never die. They can still be used today in a serious or ironic manner. Classic memes such as “Y U NO?” or “One Does Not Simply …” still float around the Internet and offer meme enthusiasts nostalgia of the simpler days.

A classic

The Shit Posts Meme

The shit posts meme can be complex and simple at the same time. It’s hard to explain, but if you’re an active user on Tumblr, Reddit, or 4chan, you have definitely come across a shit posts meme.

According to Wikipedia (great source), a shit post meme is: “aggressively, ironically, and trollishly poor quality“. The definition also describes the people who shit post too (like me).

Sometimes a shit post can make you feel personally attacked

The Viral Meme

DAMN DANIEL!” Sounds familiar? Yes, this is a classic case of the viral meme. It’s the type of meme that goes viral on Twitter and makes it way to Facebook, making it a mainstream meme. Do you sense the meme snobbery exuding right now? Yes. Yes you do.

The Facebook Meme

As mentioned in a previous article you can find here, Facebook is where memes come to die. The Facebook meme usually consists of stolen memes with added watermarks, or memes that are terrible, you can’t even laugh at them ironically.

Minion memes are the devil

The Fandom Meme

With fandoms come inside jokes and memes that outsiders would simply not understand. Each fandom most likely has their own meme that only people within the fandom would understand. These memes can be funny if you’re in on the joke.


Memes will forever change and develop, which is what makes memes so great. Even though some memes are terrible and some are great, they are widely adored by people, and that’s all that matters.


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