Marvel’s Defenders: Phase Two of Marvel Netflix Universe

Written by Talha Javaid

So to bring together the two year, four show, five season journey to finally build the Defenders series, Iron fist was released onto Netflix and now all the pieces of the puzzle are put in places. The Defenders is said to be arrive sometime in the summer, it’s an 8-episode mini-series which brings together the entire Netflix Marvel shows, this show has been in the works since October 2013.

We knew that ever since season 1 of Daredevil hit the screens, that things were just beginning and everyone took notice. Each series has teased this union, with Rosario Dawson serving as de facto Nick Fury of the street level version of the Avengers.

It’s true we have seen other crossovers with DC TV shows such as Arrow and the Flash, to Super Girl and DC: Legends of tomorrow, they have always been for couple of episodes. Marvel’s Defenders is a game changer, as this an entire eight-hour long season and will bring something different to the table.

Iron Fist may have fallen flat compared to the other three shows but The Defenders is still is one of the most highly awaited series of the year, but there is also reasons to be worried because the franchise hasn’t done well recently as mentioned, critics are not of Iron Fist, meaning there could be issues within the team up series. But Generation Z Brings you reasons to be excited and reasons to be worried.

Reasons to be Excited:

  1. Sigourney Weaver could make a great addition to the cast

As always, there is a need for a strong villain and considering we have four heroes this time, we need a villain four times strong. The main cast members play huge characters with each having unique supernatural abilities, thus they need a big bad ass baddie to bring them together. A task which is made more difficult by the fact it needs to remain a more grounded, street-level threat.

And this makes a great entrance for Sigourney Weaver.

Alas her character is still very ambiguous to us, apart from her name being Alexandra and that she’s going to be a total epic villain. The casting of this legend is enough to have Generation Z excited.


  1. The Supporting cast is incredibly talented also

Regardless of the four main characters, The Defenders will also be reigning in a large number of key supportive players from the collective series, and the confirmed list of those makes the mind wonder how all of those players will fit into the narrative.

Foggy Nelson, Karen Page, Stick, Trish Walker, Malcolm Ducasse, Jeri Hogarth, Misty Knight, Colleen Wing and last but not least Claire Temple are all expected to appear.

Claire and Misty could have a larger role then the rest but it will be interesting to see how the show juggles all of these characters. But we have seen each individual characters and their versatility in their respective shows so it’s hard not to be excited about all of these supportive cast coming together.


  1. Overall quality of the shows

There is a huge reason why everyone gets excited for a Netflix Marvel show, and it’s now just due to the buzz or the potential to see the comic characters come to life (especially since they are a B or C-list heroes) It’s because aside Iron Fist, they are excellent.

 Of course it all began with Dare Devil in 2015, which was breath-taking and changed the game for the Superhero TV Genre and then later in the year the release of Jessica Jones only added to that perfection. Of course they raised the levels of expectations to the roof, which the quality of Daredevil’s second season does match, casting Jon Bernthal as the punisher helped big time. Luke Cage follows the epic guidelines set by its predecessors.

The shows all have very dark adult tones, with the focus on gifted and strong characters that are very flawed, intriguing yet horrific villains, important, relatable themes and social awareness, and a lot of intense but satisfying action scenes. Iron Fist may have been a let-down, but that may just be a one off and we are hopeful that The Defenders can pick up the Quality right up.

  1. The Length of the series

The expression “sometimes less is more” is appropriate here. Netflix series has often gotten complained about the over stretch of a series, sometimes 13 episodes can give storylines that can seem to be dragging. So it’s a huge benefit that the Defenders is 8 episodes. 

Of course some fans may feel cheated that there is only 8 episodes with the entire team, the plan has always been to have 8 episodes which all are 60 minutes long, it took 52 episodes to get to this stage so you can expect the Defenders to be fast and focused, without the needing to build up, thinly stretching the story or Netflix Drift. It’s just about the team coming together, fighting the battle together. They have their own shows for character building.

  1. Defenders Assembling

Carrying on from the last point, in any particular team up, things become a hit. Taking the Avengers for example, Marvel Cinematic Universe has all always thrived from bringing all the superheroes together.

Justice League is still appealing despite the solo films being negatively received, and this purely why the Arrowverse can sell a four-way crossover event over the course of an entire week.

And The Defenders are no stranger to this method. Whilst we have watched Matt Murdock fight injustice in the legal system, Jessica Jones battling her traumatic abusive relationship, Luke Cage’s fight against modern day racism and Danny Rand’s fight to find himself, bringing all those elements together can be a gold mine.

Each characters also have a special ability and together they could be something great to watch. It will be nice to see how these four people interact with each-other.


  1. The Build Up

All the endless binge watching comes to this moment, if you have been invested all this time, this is your reward and it’s the natural progression. Will each show will have its own fan base, this time each of those fandoms come together with the Defenders. Just like Marvel’s Phase one, we have all seen Phase one of Marvel Netflix and this is Phase two.

There is something about The Defenders that just gets me riled up, after spending two and a half years and 52 hours of television time waiting to get to this point, it seems surreal. It’s an enticing prospect to get to see all of these unique characters coming together.

But as always every coin has another side, there’s still worrying prospects regarding the show and Generation Z also explores them down below.

Reasons to be worried:

  1. The Return of Diminishing

The Netflix Marvel Universe might have offered some great shows up till now but it’s clear that things are slipping up.

Whilst it’s difficult to find fault within Daredevil season 1 and Jessica Jones, the 2016 offerings had faults that were easy to spot. Yes, they were still good but there are still some aspects you can’t look past.

For the season 2 of Daredevil there is the arc of Elektra which was riddled with issues, the emergence of the Hand was baffling, for Luke Cage, when Diamondback took centre stage as the main big bad, it wasn’t convincing enough to derail them, especially when they had so much still working in favour even at those points (the great characters and actors who played them).

And clearly that continued on: Yes, Iron Fist is being brought up again, it’s the first failure of Marvel TV universe.  Which begs a question if 2015 was the best Marvel Netflix Universe could offer, and that if The Defenders would follow this downward spiral.

  1. The Team could not be a team 

Whilst the appeal of seeing all four of these characters in one show apparent, things can be different in reality. We can’t forget that Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage are lone wolfs and don’t play well with others, of course Iron Fist is different.

But it’s been fun watching the latter characters become individual heroes and have become great developed characters, by putting them in this new dynamic, they could be at a risk of diminishing.

 There is no guarantee that they will work well together both as a cast and as characters. If the cast does not have chemistry, it translates to their characters. As characters, again, it should be interesting and fun to see how they behave with each-other, but it’s a delicate situation to handle.

Each individual character needs to be equally shown but yet remain as a part of a team, a task which could be difficult to do so. We can see Matt Murdock already being an unbearable leader.


  1. Iron Fist could bring the crew down

  As mentioned before Iron Fist was in fact the worst of Marvel Netflix shows. There are too many issues with writing, choreography, and editing so the blame cannot be placed at the feet (or fist) of Finn Jones. However, he is a major factor to the downfall of the series, which makes us think that a different actor could have pulled it all together.

 Jones does not have the charisma to carry the show, nor the action chops or sense of presence that was needed to make a convincing Iron Fist. So the idea of having him in The Defenders is appealing as he will not have the weight of the entire series on his shoulders, instead he can be the more carefree member of his serious team.

But from what I have seen that will still be a major task for Jones, being the 25% of the show, he still has the potential to ruin the story.


  1. The Boring Hand Cult 

The decision to make The Hand the overreaching enemy of the entire universe is just plain stupid.

They made their first appearance in Daredevil season 2, and then were further integrated into Iron Fist, and they will return in the Defenders, meaning Elodie Yung aka Elektra ask Black Sky, the Hand’s biggest weapon – in a main role for the series.

Despite being a Ninja death cult, the Hand are very boring as villains, they lack any personalities, hordes of them are fought off by just a couple of people, and their purpose are still well mystery.

However, the Defenders might answer what that purpose is, but there is still quite the work cut out to make them interesting villain or villains since there are 2 branches of the organisation about, that the audience are aware about.

But regardless Generation Z look forward to the release of The Defenders in the latter half of 2017, but do let us what you think about this team up of the shows? By either commenting down below or tweets us your thoughts, predictions or hopes.


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