How Safe do you Feel in Your City?

Written by Charlotte Hunter


Eight people have been arrested and six addresses raided in London, Birmingham and elsewhere in connection with the Westminster terror attack. Officers stormed a flat in Birmingham late on Wednesday night, with West Midlands Police directing inquiries about the operation to the Metropolitan Police. In the wake of the recent terror attack in London on the 22nd of March, we give advice to students on how to feel safe in the city and living away from home.

It’s so scary to think that such criminal acts can happen right on our door step of Birmingham, without us knowing. Aside from terrorism many other crimes inevitably happen in big cities, and it is estimated that a third of the UK’s student body becomes a victim of crime, mainly theft and burglary. Luckily here at Generation Z we are ready to give you advice on dealing with inner city crime and getting involved with the wrong crowd.

Generation Z’s Top 8 Tips on Staying Safe in Your City!

  1. Never roam the streets at night alone.

It may seem like common sense but try your best to make sure you’re accompanied by a friend when walking the city streets at night as you never know what maniac could be round the corner. Its always better to be safe than sorry. If getting in a taxi alone too make sure it’s a registered one with a badge!

  1. Make sure your house or room is secure

Unfortunately it is known that burglars strike the vulnerable and students come under that bracket. Keep safe by having extra locks on your doors and keeping your valuables out of site from the window. It’s even better if you can get yourself a little safe to lock your belongings in!

  1. Control your drinking

Drinking too much can leave you defenceless and sometimes even aggressive. This can be easily avoided by controlling how much you consume. We understand that everyone enjoys a few bevs at university but try and be responsible as you could regret it in the long run.


  1. Have security numbers stored in your phone book

You never know when you might be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Make sure you’re prepared by storing vital numbers in your phone such as reception and security numbers of your building, house or apartment. Most universities also have councillors or safety student advisors so you can always have someone to talk to if your feel you are unsafe.

  1. Try to avoid getting involved with the wrong crowd

We aren’t going to dodge the bullet like some other student advisors may do. We know drug abuse and violence happens in many universities across the country. If you feel you have somehow got yourself into a sticky situation or a friendship group you feel you shouldn’t have make sure you talk to someone and don’t bottle it up. Someone can always try to help if you voice your problems and if you feel you can’t talk to anyone at your university, here at Generation Z we have set up an anonymous email and phone hotline for anyone who needs advice or help. (Details can be found at the bottom of this article.)

  1. Register at your local doctor

Health is just as important as safety. We can guarantee that you will get ill at least once over your time at university and although it could be as little as a common cold unfortunately some students find themselves in a bit of a pickle when they fall ill and haven’t got their mum or dad around to help. This is why you should register with your nearest doctor so your never too far from some medical advice.

  1. Be vigilant

Keeping your eyes open and watching your surroundings is sure to be beneficial if you’re in busy areas such as shopping centres and busy clubs and pubs. If you see an incident beginning to unfold make sure you are aware of your nearest exits so you are able to flee quickly and efficiently.

  1. Our final and most vital piece of advice is….



University is supposed to be one of the most of exciting chapters of our lives if you follow these tips and are sensible about your surroundings you’re sure to have an unforgettable time with your new friends.

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