REVIEW| Chris Brown is Breezy as Always in “Privacy”

Written by Talha Javaid

Chris Brown’s personal life is more or less in a mess, but one thing you can be sure that his music hasn’t suffered. Privacy showcases his versatility as a singer. Brown first spoke of his sexual prowess in “Fuck you back to sleep”, the most popular song on his 2015 album Royalty. But now our favourite rapper / singer is back to the bedroom in his sleek new track.

Listen to “Privacy”

Chris Brown wants good romance, touching, and most of all – Privacy,  in his newest single which was released Friday 24th March. Breezy is definitely taking the rated-freaky route to extreme in his newest single, which is marinated with the mixture of sex and lust – just what you would expect.

Privacy displays Brown under a spell of good loving. The song is as sexual as it can get. It definitely can be said that Privacy can be on a sex playlist. The lyrics alone showcase that Brown may have written the song himself. The song does not feature anyone else again showing how talented the man really is.

As mentioned,  the song is very explicit as Breezy tells his prospective lover all the things he’s going to do to her when they get in the bedroom; “Ain’t nobody here but you and me / Lickin’ your private parts / And I know you love your privacy’, he sings, adding, “You don’t even have to shower, you already wet.

But this only gets raunchier as he gets to his rap verse, spitting, “I’m Tired of missionary / Want to see you on your face / Put that ass up in the air / I’m lovin’ how that p—- taste.” Behave brother!


Rest assured, Chris Brown won’t have any “Privacy” as he goes on his Party tour next week, starting with Baltimore March 31st and ending in LA May 23rd.

Privacy will be part of Brown’s eighth album, Heartbreak on a Full Moon, which will drop later this year. But for now having a listen to the song and get in the mood for some lovin’.


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