REVIEW| Dodie’s Intertwined Tour is More Than a 6/10

Written by Beth Huthart & Hanifa Kamal

With the release of dodie’s (the lowercase ‘d’ is not a typo, it’s an aesthetic, get with the times) EP, Intertwined, in November 2016, it was only natural that dodie went on a nationwide tour. We were lucky enough to catch dodie at her show in Birmingham.

Get with the times O2 Academy.

The show began with dodie’s support act, fellow YouTuber, Rusty Clanton. Rusty, a wonderful American who pronounces “Birmingham” as an adorable “Birming-HAAAM” took the stage joined by only his guitar and his raw, and pardon the pun, rusty voice (That’s a compliment…we’re huge fans of his voice). Rusty sang a few of his most popular songs and gave cute little anecdotal stories between each song that gave his set a more intimate feel. A few favourites from his set were “One More Cup of Coffee”, “Married in the Morning” (which was introduced with a story that made the audience give a collective ‘awww’), and “Socks” (It’s not a song about socks FYI). Rusty finished his short and sweet set with some shameless self-promo by saying, “we’re selling some ep’s and shirts…help me buy my flight home!” and headed backstage. Do yourself a favour and check out his music on YouTube and Spotify!

Rusty Clanton – Sings About Socks and Coffee

Dodie sang all of the tracks from her EP, Intertwined, as well as some original songs that she has released via her YouTube channel. Dodie had a calming stage presence and seemed confident up in front of the audience. In between songs she told the audience the meanings behind the songs.

One particular speech that stood out was the one before her song ‘She’ in which she discussed her own experience with accepting the fact that she was part of the LGBTQ+ community, and how everyone in the audience was ‘welcome and safe’ at her show no matter what or who they are. The connection and love between Dodie and her fans is obviously very authentic.

Dodie, a multi-instrumentalist, mainly focused on singing throughout the show, as dabbling in the keyboard, guitar, ukulele and the iconic recorder, which she made sound a lot better than we remember it sounding in primary school! She covered Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” with her recorder for a brief few seconds before transitioning into her own song “I Have a Hole In My Tooth”. This moment certainly got some belly laughs from the audience, particularly when she and Rusty (who provided some guitar and backing vocals throughout her set) dabbed at the end.

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 19.02.24.png
Dodie – An Actual Angel

Dodie was joined onstage by a band that included a cellist, violinist, drummer and bassist, which gave her songs that are YouTube only uploads (these normally are just her and a piano/guitar/ukulele) more depth. Her songs “6/10” and “One For The Road” were particular highlights when it came to this.

Not only was it thrilling to see Dodie onstage, it was also nice to see her jamming with her band mates and have little jokes with them throughout the show. It was obvious that they were all having a good time on stage, which added to the general happy, euphoric atmosphere that was present throughout the entire show.

Seeing Dodie in the flesh as an actual real person gave the songs we loved a new meaning. Her interactions and connection with the audience made the show feel like you were watching a friend perform.

A journey™ via facial expressions

We believe that Dodie is destined for success with her soft, calm voice mixed with powerful, emotional lyrics. Not only is she a well respected Internet personality, with over 1.5 million subscribers over her YouTube channels she is also an extremely talented musician and her concert reflected this.

Shout out to Manager Josh making the tour happen and Chupa Chups for the #spon.

Dodie’s EP, Intertwined, is available to purchase or stream right now. We recommend you do yourself a favour and check out her music, you won’t regret it!

Featured image taken from Dodie’s Twitter.
Image Credit: Rebecca Need-Menear

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