REVIEW| The Weeknd UK Tour

Written by Jess Chumber


The Weeknd is currently travelling the world, blessing us with his haunting, yet angelic voice with his tour, “Starboy: Legend of the Fall”. We got a chance to catch his show at the Barclaycard Arena in Birmingham, UK. Here are our thoughts on the Starboy.

I finally witnessed The Weeknd in the flesh. He was literally a few yards away from me, I could almost touch him. I managed to push and shove to the front row, hoping to get a good glimpse of The Hills singer. I was right under the spaceship, which was huge and kept changing in colour and shape throughout the concert. The Weeknd was taking us on a musical experience, and the crowd and I loved it.

The ‘Starboy’ singer, Abel Tesfaye, wowed the audience with his superb, velvety vocals and serenaded the audience with crowd favourites, ‘False Alarm’, ‘Starboy’ and ‘Wicked Games’.


The energy and atmosphere was amazing and The Weeknd could feel it, as he kept telling the crowd how lit it was and told us how the left side is lit (which I was on by the way!). You could really tell that Abel was putting his all into each and every song. Each performance was given so much energy from him and the crowd. His energy and passion fed into the crowd, and we went crazy at each song.

Apart from the annoying person next to me who was screaming the lyrics and was badly out of tune, I was still able to hear Abel sing and watch him feeling utterly starstruck. I was well and truly shocked that I was this close to him! This was probably due to the fact that the stage was like a runway, ensuring he was near his fans. It also improved the overall experience, as The Weeknd was right there and amongst the crowd.

Abel thrived off the crowd’s energy and it was reciprocated through the cheers and screams from the ecstatic crowd.

The Weeknd sung the huge hits we know him for such as ‘Starboy’, and the Canadian singer serenaded us with were ‘Sidewalks’, ‘I Feel It Coming’ and ‘All I Know’.

Abel is a true performer and knows how to get a crowd feeling elated and thrilled. There is so much engagement and connection between the performer and audience, which is something that is appreciated. I would definitely recommend seeing The Weeknd in concert if you are lucky enough to grab a ticket in time.

The Weeknd is touring from 17 Feb 2017 – 4 Aug 2017.







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