REVIEW| “Patience” (freestyle) by Ray Blk

Written by Beth Judge

Having the title of BBC’s music sound of 2017 winner under her belt in January, its no wonder that Ray Blk’s year in music is already off to a flying start. Generation Z brings you the lowdown on the artist.

After previously collaborating with the likes of Stormzy and Wretch 32, the R&B song, Patience (freestyle), gives Ray the perfect opportunity to finally come into her own, demonstrating her vocal abilities and impeccable writing skills to her fullest potential.

The track behind her voice cleverly combines both aspects of contemporary and old school R&B, with Destiny’s Child-style twinkles sprinkled throughout the track, but also blinking web alerts, that surprisingly compliment the light beat. They simultaneously keep the song current yet unique.

Ray remains loyal to classic R&B with her soulful sonancy. Her ability to seamlessly glide between notes is commendable. The easy diversification of her voice is the true melody here. The backing track is simply a tent peg in the construction. However, it’s the flawlessly executed lyrics that steal the show here, making this single something quite special.


The 23 year old from South London’s surname Blk, stands for building, living, knowing, a message engraved deeply into her first single of 2017.
Ray takes a stab at reality stars, singing soulfully about this generations yearn for fame, but lack of work ethic and patience, whilst firmly illustrating the naivety surrounding fame and its consequences.

She doesn’t mince her words. Her transparent lyrics are meaningful and substantial. Exquisite metaphors such as:

“cause everyone wants a piece of the devil’s pie without caution, don’t you know its gonna cost you a fortune to sell your soul”

Doubtlessly epitomizes Ray’s sheer talent and wisdom beyond her years. It’s refreshing to hear an R&B song that doesn’t glorify splashing cash on expensive cars and booze, and actually teaches the youth of today a valuable lesson.

With this only being the first single to come from Ray this year, the anticipation is tremendous to see what else she’s got in store.

You can listen to Patience (freestyle) on Spotify now.


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