REVIEW | “King Kong” by Icarus

Written by Beth Judge

Icarus has released its funky tune “King Kong”. Check out our review of the song!

The grey clouds hang heavy, saturated with rain. It hammers against the aluminum roof of the car as blades erratically sweep away the frenzy. The traffic’s amass. Choleric commuters slam their horns with one hand, hysterically guzzling a coffee in the other. They eager not to be late for work…. again. It’s a desperately dismal morning to say the least. But there’s light through the gloom, excitement amid the grey.

While the blades keep wiping, the sweet sounds of Icarus’s King Kong blaring from the car radio ensure the journey is far from lifeless. The Monday morning drudgery feels like Friday night festivities from the first beat.

From the very beginning, you can taste the Mojito’s freshness on your tongue. The warm sunbeams caress your skin as you prepare to dance the night away under an Ibiza sunset. It has summer party anthem written all over it.

The trumpet and trombone toots, accompanied by the consistent tiny tingles of tambourines, gives the song bold, bustling carnival vibes.

Cowbell clangs add a distorted, fun sound, which the vocals represent too. You can hear her smile whilst singing, making the tracks escape from reality all that more vivid. The lyrics are utterly meaningless, but in the best way possible.

They’re all about supporting the sunny spirit of tune. They’re exactly what the track needs to embody that content and carefree mood that summertime is all about.

On the road, the commuters are still frazzled, sucked miserably into the nine-to-five vortex, dreading the week ahead. Except for Icarus, whose pool partying, bronzed skinned, Mojito-drinking world is the perfect wonderland. King Kong is truly a feel good anthem with the unblemished biology to be the summer sound of 2017.

You can download Icarus, King Kong on Spotify



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