REVIEW: Logan – A Heartfelt Goodbye to 17 Years of Wolverine

Written by Talha Javaid


Jackman first portrayed the character who wields the adamantium claws, wears white tank/jean combo in 2000 movie X-men. A film that started a franchise that spawned various sequels, prequels, and spin offs. It was definite that Hugh was a fan favourite mass murdering mutant, and Logan showcases the character in a way which we never thought we’d see Logan as. The director James Mangold did the character of Wolverine/Logan justice. Generation Z brings you their thoughts on why Logan was as epic as it looked.

Of course the trailer doesn’t build the intense hype that normally an X-men or Wolverine movie would, but there is something deeper to this movie. There is no way you would leave the cinema and not have tears in your eyes. Everything about it was flawless. This wasn’t a movie about Superheroes but about a simple man and his quest to find safe haven for his spawn.


The movie is set in the year 2029, where the X-men or mutants rather have all been wiped out and have disappeared. Our main protagonist now is driving a limo and is using his real name, James Howlett, nullifying his own past when it’s mentioned. Wolverine/Logan is slowly dying from the poison from his own bones, what was once a factor which kept him from aging and always healing now working against him. He puts morality and life into perspective here. Logan now looks aged and well less fit than he was before, showing that the poison has really taken a toll on his body, both physically and emotionally. Together with Mutant Caliban, Logan is taking care of an older Professor X, also known as Charles Xavier, a mutant whose mind is the most powerful on the planet and can kill instantly. Charles’s health itself is quickly declining and Wolverine can only keep him drugged to prevent anything from happening.

But this where Laura comes in. Charles is shown to be more lucid and in control then Logan believes as he is telepathically connected to Laura. Laura has a deeper connection with Logan though, both on an emotional level and a genetic connection. Whereas Logan and Laura are both victims, Laura has it worse by growing up in a lab where she was tortured to induce her mutation early, becoming a killer just at the age of 12.

Logan beautifully evokes the films of Akira Kurosawa or Sergio Leone, both known for their influence and takes on the Western genre, as mentioned before Logan isn’t a Superhero movie – so there is no giant monster, mutants or anything else that threatens the world. There is nothing but Wolverine who is dying, an older mind controlling mutant who are trying to help Laura not experience the pain and horrors that Logan did.

Everything is sad and miserable, there is no sense of happy ending to be had, no gratification from all the battles Logan has survived, nothing until Laura Kinney.

In the comics, Wolverine worked as sort of a mentor to Jubilee and Shadow cat, and his famous for his father / adopted daughter relationships, the role of the protector and saviour. Of course when Laura arrives in his life everything about that protectiveness intensifies, he really wants to fulfil his promise to get her to the safe mutant sanctuary in Canada.

logan film.png

Logan symbolizes, the loving bond a father has with his daughter and the lengths he will go to protect her. Logan serves as a character study, showing us in depth why Jackman is perfect in playing the role of the Wolverine. The movie is beautifully enlightening and you end by feeling that the character was done justice.


Logan is definitely a must go see film, we give it a 9 out of 10 because well it’s just that damn good. Hurry and go see it as it’s out now!




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