10 Flat Mates You Will Most Likely Live With at University

Written by Beth Huthart


When you move into your first student flat, you will meet some people who might become your best friends but there are also some that you will probably never speak to again after first year. Generation Z brings you 10 types of flat mates you will most likely live with at University.

1) The One Who Has Never Had To Do Anything For Themselves Before

This flat mate is the type you will find in the kitchen crying at least once during freshers week because they don’t know how to cook…well, anything. They might have one staple meal they know how to cook but after eating it every day since their parents left, they’ll be sick of it. Some of these type of flat mates are willing to learn and will probably stand and watch you cook asking ‘what now?’ but some will somehow survive their first year on toast alone.

2) The ‘Used To Be Innocent’ One 

This flat mate is the type that has been sheltered and going to university is the first time they’ve been allowed to do anything without their parents breathing down their neck. They won’t know their limits when it comes to alcohol so will probably be sick in a taxi at some point, but it’s fun to watch them come out of their shells.


3) The Thief

They will steal everything from food, plates, cutlery, toiletries and clothes. It’s been nearly 4 years since I encountered my first thief…the bagel thief. Every time anyone in our flat bought bagels, they would be stolen. To this day I’m still annoyed about it – bagels are expensive!!!!

4) The One Who You’re Not Sure Actually Exists 

The flatmate who you meet on the first day because their parents are there forcing them to say hello and introduce themselves. After that you never see them, maybe once or twice when they venture to the kitchen but other than that, do they exist?

5) The One Who Gets Good Grades Despite Being Out 7 Nights a Week

There will always be ONE, the guy/girl who goes out every night of the week but still gets good grades. No one is sure how they’ve do it but they manage to pass everything and never miss a deadline even though no one ever sees them doing wok. Please share your secrets!

6) The Parent(s)

 These flat mates will be the ones looking after the messy drunks, offering to help clean up and just overall looking after you all.

You’ll be thankful for them when it’s 2am and you want chicken nuggets and they offer to cook them for you.

7) The Slobs

Possibly the worst type of flat mate! They won’t clean up after themselves in the kitchen and there will be a strange odor coming from their room that no one wants to ask about.

 8) The Passive Aggressive Note Writer

This one you love, when the not isn’t aimed at you. Sometimes the notes come with funny little doodles other times you wonder whether they are actually just a death threat disguised as a witty joke.


9) The Nice Ones

This is just the nice way of saying the ‘normal’ ones. The ones you actually like and probably go on to live with for your entire time at university. You’re probably a good mix of all of the above but by the time you’ve figured this out you’re best friends and it’s too late…you’re stuck with them but you don’t mind.

10) The Clingy Ones 

These flat mates are the ones that you don’t particularly want to be close with but they cling to you even though you have a whole other group of friends. You might feel guilty at first and feel like you’re upsetting them but you’re there for you not to keep others happy.


Which flatmate are you? Let us know on our social media! @generationzmag

(Especially if you’re the bagel thief…we need to know…for #science)


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