Top 10: Tv Shows to Watch on Netflix While you Study

Written by Talha Javaid

Students offer suffer from the lack of inspiration especially when it comes to deadlines. Writing an essay can be a daunting task, however fret not as Generation Z presents you with some ulterior methods. This article focuses on how you can use Netflix to help you for when you study, see tv shows don’t have to be bad. They can be educational or in this sense, can help to keep your mind from exploding whilst you write. So here’s a list of tv shows on Netflix you can have on in the background as you do your university work.

  1. Fresh Prince of Bel-air – A classic, a show that taught us values of family and how important it is to be kind. 6 seasons packed with laughs, tears and valuable lessons. This is definitely a solid contender to help for when you study, have it discreetly in the background to lighten the mood for when your essays get to serious.
  1. The Big Bang Theory – Well we all know that there is nothing more inspirational, then watching a bunch of successful nerds in comedic situations, this show will give you laughs for especially when you are at loss for words for your assignment, might even get you to try write more. 9 Seasons of total awesomeness that can be easily binged watched whilst you work.
  1. Brooklyn Nine-Nine – 3 seasons full of hysterical situations which will leave you in stiches. The series follows the lives of cops in New York but takes a hilarious spin on it, but also teaches the values of friendship. You only need to listen to it in the background and you’ll get work done easy.
  1. Gavin & Stacey – Old, yet classic. 2 series of pure fun with lovable characters that will leave you hooked. Soon you’ll be putting it on whilst you do your academic readings. Who doesn’t love a British romantic sitcom.



  1. Bad Education – Now this is ironic, Bad education will leave you wanting to study harder. 3 series full of unexpected comedic situations a teacher get himself into in the classroom will leave you grinning from ear to ear but also hooked. Hope you are ready for all-nighter whilst you watch this and write your essay at the same.


  1. That 70’s Show – 8 seasons of pure joy and a real sense of life back in the 70’s. Will make you appreciate the life and technology you have today, but will also provide you with endless amount of giggles, so sit back, start writing whilst the 70’s show is in the background.


  1. How I met your Mother – This series follows the life of Ted and his friends, as he tells his kids about how he met their mother. Truly iconic cast with brilliant humour, definitely something to keep on, whilst you put that pen to paper. Definitely will put you in the mood to work and finish what you started as Ted finishes his story.



  1. Don’t Trust the b—- in apartment 23 – Talk about a roommate from hell? Maybe some of you can relate huh? This series shows that you live with even the most outrageous of people and have fun, the series definitely will take you by surprise and make you laugh when you least expect it to. Worth a watch, or worth a listen to as you do some academic readings.


  1. Friends with better lives – Although only having one series, the series definitely doesn’t disappoint. Includes endless amount of witty banter and quirky jokes and hilarious situations. It really makes you appreciate your friendship group and heck, might be even good to give it a watch on a group study date.


  1. The Ranch – If you are a fan of Ashton Kutcher and like comedy, well this is the show for you. The show follows the Bennet family, and really makes you laugh about how open they are with each-other and how quickly they tear each-other apart.

Nevertheless at the Ranch there is never a dull moment, you’ll me smiling throughout each episode and will crave more, even if maybe you are half watching because you are too busy typing away, writing your essay.

So here are 10 brilliant study shows that may motivate you for when you are working. Even if you have them in the background just to keep you awake on those late nights. Go try them out, see if they work for you. But remember don’t study too hard!



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