REVIEW | Goodbye girl next door, Hello Dangerous Woman, Ariana Grande!

Written by Beth Judge

After the release of her third studio album in May last year, this year marked the beginning of Ariana Grande’s world tour. The tour named after her album, Dangerous Woman, is set to prove the 23 year old’s new found maturity, as she ditches Nickelodeon and pretty pink bows and for thigh high boots and latex.

The BDSM style album cover, that features Grande in a tight, black latex mask with bunny ears instantly reveals the sound for this album. Innocently sexy.

The variation of upbeat, r&b pop songs and emotional ballads certainly make for a rich listening experience, with a song to fit almost any mood.

It’s clear to see why Dangerous Woman would be the first single from her album.

The 50 shades-esque melody with intense, ballsy drum beats, and steamy electric guitar strums are truly representative of her new found confidence in the music industry, as well as her growth from a child star.

Collaborations with the likes of Future, and Lil Wayne also contribute to shifting that girl next door sound, giving the tracks Everyday and Let Me Love You grit and meaning.

However, it’s not all seriously sexy. Sounds from Greedy and Bad Decisions digress from the seductive tone, showing a cheeky and boisterous side to Grande. Here’s where the glimmers of the poppy and preppy Ariana return, just now polished and in her prime.

Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 16.05.47

Despite this new grown up sound, the songstress still maintains that effortlessly creamy voice, that puts Mariah Carey’s career to bed. Her vocal capabilities show no bounds throughout the album, but truly flourish during her slower ballads Leave me Lonely and Moonlight. Leave me Lonely is doubtlessly raw, telling the story of a relationship that needs to end, although she doesn’t want it to. The tenacity and power in her vocals she belts are impeccably meaningful, as the lyrics replicate the argument with her partner, but more woefully, herself. The distress and despair is numbing. A truly breathtaking ballad.

Ultimately, each song intertwines with one another to package a sincerely diverse album, that’s naturally crafted for spectacular live performances. If you think the album sounds good now, you can bet it’s going to sound even better live.

Tickets for the Dangerous Woman Tour are still available at:

Image Credit: Ariana Grande’s Instagram


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