Feminist Slogan Tees Rules Fashion World

Written by Jess Chumber

London and New York Fashion week has seen the revolution of feminist power through fashion. This new fashion trend that has emerged has created a lot of hype and buzz on social media, and people love it!

This new feminist political stance was seen on the runways at New York Fashion Week on designer’s shows such as Prabal Gurung; where models like Bella Hadid rocked the runway with slogan t-shirts such as “Nevertheless, She Persisted” and “The Future is Female”.

Versace also embrace female empowerment during Milan Fashion week with strong fashion statements.


This new age feminism fashion trend is mostly popular in the form of slogan tees which are now available in the nearest high street shops and online. We can now rock the feminist trend at an affordable price and stay empowered and unite with our fellow ladies from different cultures and countries. We can take a political stance with our fashion, which is truly special and powerful, as our clothes will do all the talking.


Topshop are known for its edgy and stylish clothing at a decent price. Their sassy and uniting slogan tees have classic designs that any girl can rock!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


H&M is a high street brand that offers great basic clothing at affordable prices. Their simple designs are almost a staple to their branding. However, their feminist tees really step outside their own box and offer their own unique take on style.


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