When Does a Trend/Meme Stop Becoming Cool?

Written by Hanifa Kamal

Trends/Memes are a staple to most of a Millennial’s and Gen Z’s culture. They manifest into our virtual lives and even real life. Trends/Memes fizzle in and out of our lives. We look back on certain Trends/Memes and cringe how it was such a popular craze. But when can we pinpoint exactly when a trend/meme stops being cool? Generation Z investigates.

When the Traditional Media Use the Trend/Meme

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 20.31.15
R.I.P 24/02/2017

When the traditional media (TV, Print, Radio) get a hold of a trend/meme, it instantly becomes dead – no question about it. We get it; you’re trying to be funny and relatable to the young demographic. But let’s be real – it’s embarrassing and ruins the fun for everyone.

When it gets on the Ellen DeGeneres show

Everytime Ellen actively carries out a trend on her show, someone on Reddit tries to report Ellen for public indecency.

This is quite niche, but Ellen has ruined some trends. Ellen DeGeneres is pretty much America’s Mom. Not like a regular mom, a cool mom. But she loses some cool Mom points by inviting people from popular, viral Trends/Memes onto her show and giving them $100,000 for just being a meme. Take Alex from Target or Damn Daniel for example. Their overnight success went viral, and Ellen killed their Meme career faster than a “Whip” in a Nae Nae.

When it makes its way onto Facebook

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 20.36.26.png
BONUS: When all the comments are people tagging their pals, the meme is extra dead.

Memes (usually the dank ones) usually make their way onto Reddit, 4chan and 9gag first. It then circulates onto Tumblr and gradually to Twitter. These are the entry points where a Trend/Meme becomes viral and at its peak. When it reaches Facebook, it suddenly becomes uncool – especially when the meme has a caption of “WHO DID THIS???” followed by a row of laughing emoji’s. 

When your mum/dad knows about it

maxresdefault (2).jpg
Do not dab whilst driving.

When your mum starts dabbing, you know that the trend is well and truly deceased. We get it mother, you’re on the Internet and you know how to use “The Facebook”. But please, for everyone’s sanity, stop dabbing.

When it just…fizzles out

maxresdefault (1)
The classic “Y U NO?” meme.

The life span of a Trend/Meme is limited. Sometimes Trends/Memes fizzle out naturally due to people not finding it relatable/funny anymore, or they have moved onto the new craze. Trying to resurrect a Trend/Meme from the dead is impossible. Think about it, what Trend/Meme that has died ever came back? Hover boards? Pepe? Y U No? Doge? Exactly. A Trend/Meme naturally dying is perhaps the most humane way and Trend/Meme can go.

Trends and Memes bring us all giggles and happiness. There’s a Meme/Trend for everyone and that’s what’s so beautiful about them. Trends/Memes are here to stay for all eternity. However Trends/Memes will inevitably die. But don’t we all? –Dabs and then Hits The Quan 


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