TEASER: Dead Pool 2

 Written by Talha Javaid

At last our favourite anti-hero returns and with a bang to say the least. Dead Pool 2 won’t grace our screens until 2018 but that doesn’t mean Wade Wilson is going to stay mute until then. The Katana wielding, spandex wearing, comedy god teased us with a clip which reminded us why we fell in love with Dead pool in the first place, it also shows how perfect Ryan Reynolds actually is in playing this character, he truly does Wade Wilson justice.

The clip lasts about 3 mins and 41 seconds and it catches the essence of the first movie, the dark humour, the music all work together to create a morbid comedic effect which leaves you feeling amused and satisfied about having watched the clip.

The clip begins with Wade (Ryan Reynolds) walking down the street minding his own business and it comes across a heated argument between thug and an older man, wanting to rush to the elder male’s aid and save him from the “Motherfucker”.

As he calls the thug, Wade runs into the nearby phone box to change into his dead pool attire, which is where we get to see a glimpse of Reynold’s naked behind as it presses against the glass, all done to lighten the dark scene.

But of course he takes too long to change and when he leaves he’s confronted by Stan Lee who makes a brief cameo for once again comedic effect. As Deadpool arrives at the scene of the argument, he finds that the elder male has been shot dead, to which he seems upset about until he’s verbal diarrhoea of witty one liners begin to pour out of his mouth. Claiming he should have called 911 and that if it was Logan, the man still would be alive, almost as though playing the victim to make us believe he tried his best.

Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 17.24.34.png

What I love about this is how fucked up Wade truly is, he lies down with the dead male and takes his coffee to drink as he bleeds out under him, I mean now that’s truly iconic and it’s what make deadpool a great success.

Rest assured, this teaser just added fuel to the fire of the fan base. 2018 cannot come soon enough and with Deadpool set to appear in X-men spin off series, we are sure that Wade is just getting started.

Watch the trailer here:


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