Paris Fashion Week 2017 | The Good, The Bad and The Damn Right Ugly

Written by Charlotte Hunter

As Fashion month comes to an end, we still haven’t seen the last of it quite just yet as Paris Fashion Week has brought celebrities out in full fashion force ready to be papped. Although, it’s fair to say some of them should definitely have left their outfit choices back at home in the wardrobe.

The Don’ts


Pamela Anderson

Ok, so we get that Fashion month is a chance to be brave and bold but we are not a fan of Pamela’s latest look! She unfortunately gets awarded the worst dressed of the whole week.

That dress most definitely does not go with those purple boots?!

The dress (that looks similar to that of my Grandmas vintage curtains) totally contrasts the busting cleavage (which look like the Mitchell brothers). We think it’s time that Pamela debuted something that compliments her figure in a more flattering manner. We can’t however, knock her for looking that good at the spritely age of forty nine.


Michelle Williams

Second up on our fashion don’t list is the lovely Michelle Williams, who was all about the edgy leather as she posed for photos outside the Louis Vuitton Show at PFW.

The actress sported a strapless leather bustier dress paired together with a matching black clutch and pointed toe black boots. The rock chick look didn’t settle so well with us as we thought the leather looked harsh on her pale and dainty skin tone.

If the look included some array of colour we may have been swayed to support the look in the future!

Better luck next time, Michelle x


Emily Ratajkowski

It’s fair to say we’ve seen the model in much more flattering wardrobe choices to say the least!

She looks like she’s just started secondary school and her moms bought her a trousers 3x the size she actually is JUST so she’ll ‘grow into them’.

Just to top it off, what is going on with that top, we don’t know where it starts and where it begins.

Maybe leave the Boy Scout trousers at home next time, Emily.


Zayn Malik

There is one word that springs to mind when we see this look and that is BORING. Black jeans, Black T-Shirt and a camo jacket? Its Paris Fashion Week Zayn you’re not popping to the local shop!!

Also, we are not a fan of the fringe! Luckily, it was GiGi walking runway and not Zayn.

The Dos

From Fashion Don’ts to Fashion do’s, here are some of our favourite looks from this week’s fashion week! Obviously here at Generation Z mag we’d never let you go home empty handed and so we are giving you all the top tips on how to create all our favourite fashion looks for high street student prices.


Kendall Jenner

We absolutely bow down to this look! Kendall Jenner rocked varying shades of brown as she entered the Miu Miu show at Paris Fashion Week.

Subtle yet striking is the vibe we are getting from this look. The big bear like fur jacket doesn’t look so statement when matched with perfectly lightly coloured tailored trousers and rounded sunglasses.

Model Life certainly suits this Kardashian sister.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Pharrell Williams

You didn’t think we’d leave the boys out did you?! How cool does Pharrell Williams look we give a strong 8.5 for this laid back fashion masterpiece. He wasn’t afraid to rock the trend of the moment — red Adidas track pants paired with a camo jacket. Some may say risky but we love it and we can definitely match this look with some high street retailer prices.


Olivia Palmero

This is one of our fave looks from PFW. Olivia Palmero looked very chic at the Barbara Bui walk. Wearing a very simple elegant white blouse, black high wasted culottes topped with some show stopping shades she was bound to have heads turning.

She also finished the look with the trend of the moment – a simple tie up choker.


Lily Collins

Lily Collins looked ready for the Spring and Summer Months as she stepped out at the Valentino walk wearing a flattering white Bardot patterned dress.

Her white court heeled shoes added the final touch of elegance for her season appropriate look that would look great at a wedding or Summer garden party.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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