Even the Vampires Bite the Dust – The Vampire Diaries’ Epic Season Finale

Written by Talha Javaid


It’s hard to begin with this one, after 8 long years of phenomenal storylines and great characters, fan favourite show has finally concluded on a beautiful but a bitter sweet note. Get ready people because this one is emotional! And if you haven’t watched it, this is your only chance to stop reading because Generation Z is about to go into detail about the EPIC season finale.

The Vampire Diaries is a tale of two vampire brothers falling in love with the same girl, and their inability to let go of that love even if it means getting killed in the process. Over the seasons we have seen Stefan and Damon fight, bite and even completely destroy the people around them but whenever it came to it, they always had each other’s backs. And the last ever episode reminded us of that, of how badly the brother’s craved each other’s forgiveness.

If you are a fan then you know the story of the Salvatore Brothers, with Damon’s first line being “Hello Brother” still as iconic as ever.

So we pick up with Mystic Falls, the hometown of Stefan and Damon and every other major character of the show being under attack, and this time it was Katherine who was pulling the strings as the leader of hell. Katherine who had been major villain since series 1 was killed of midway through season 5 and came back to serve her final revenge. Katherine also is the doppelganger of Elena, both of which are played by the talented actress Nina Dobrev.

So as Katherine orchestrated the bell of hell to be rang 13 times, which meant the fire of hell to burn the town into ashes including every single person in it, the brother’s raced to find a way to stop her. I was worried that it would be impossible to do the finale justice with just one episode of 45 mins. How wrong I was.


There wasn’t a moment in which I wasn’t breathless or shocked. Everything was well written and emotions were definitely running very high. As Elena was still under a sleeping spell which linked her life to Bonnie’s her best-friend which entails that if Bonnie is alive then Elena will remain sleeping until Bonnie grows old and dies herself. Then and only then the curse would be broken, which meant Damon would have to wait 60 or even 70 odd years until he could be reunited with his beloved Elena who had taken the cure of vampirism before she fell into her slumber. The cure was taken from Elena’s body and passed onto Stefan who in the episode before married Caroline, another one of Elena’s best-friends.

In this episode, Katherine took Elena’s body and hid it and the Salvatore brothers raced to find her before the fire consumed everything. Stefan ultimately finds Elena but she is unable to leave the building due to a spell also orchestrated by Katherine. Meanwhile, Katherine taunts Damon by telling him that Stefan will always be the better man, which of course is something Damon has always felt insecure about, not being enough for Elena.

On the other hand, realising that Damon won’t leave Elena to parish in hell fire, Stefan tells his new bride Caroline to leave and that he will see her soon, this scene alone in which the newlyweds bid farewell was enough to wound you emotionally. The emotive scene between Candice Accola and Paul Wesley showed their on-screen chemistry and made us feel thankful of having had Steroline as a couple through the later seasons of the show.

But as Bonnie discovers there is a way she can stop the spell, and destroy hell once in for all, all depended on one thing though, was she strong enough to truly enhance her witchly powers. Her dead lover’s spirit aka Enzo encouraged her, another heart felt moment. Bonnie knew that the only way this would be worth it. If Katherine was in hell when Bonnie sent the fire back to hell through the tunnels under mystic fall, therefore avoiding the destruction of the town and ending Katherine’s life once in for all.

But here was the tricky part – who would send Katherine to hell using the hell dagger fashioned from her bones as Bonnie did the spell, of course one of the brothers?

This is where it got complicated and we saw what was one of the most epic and beautiful scenes of the entire vampire diaries series. The moment where the brother’s bickered about who was going to stay and who was going to live life to the fullest. Damon finally acknowledged that Stefan wasn’t the one to blame for his life and Stefan realised that Damon was always the brother he loved and wanted. Both Ian and Paul’s tears brought me to tears and I was left heart broken when Damon compelled a now human Stefan to leave so Damon could do this. An act which Damon said was him finally being the big brother Stefan wanted, and in that moment you realise how much the brothers truly meant to each-other and love each-other.


Stefan leaves the tunnels and Bonnie sets to work on casting the biggest spell of her life yet, Bonnie draws the hell fire to herself in the armoury away from mystic falls – through the tunnels, the blazing flames battling the witch who at one point seemed like was getting over powered but with the help of her ancestors, and Enzo sends it back to the tunnel, back to hell, to destroy hell and Katherine. In this moment you realise the true importance of Bonnie’s character and how glorious Kat Graham is as an actress.

But before the fire reaches its final destination, Stefan pulls a trick out of his bag. He has been drinking vervain since he got cured from vampirism. The substance which renders the effects of compulsion useless meaning Damon never compelled him. Unable to let Damon die, Stefan extracts the cure from his body and rushes back to the tunnels.

Finding Katherine and Damon, Stefan quickly injects his older brother with cure and takes his place. At this point your heart is pounding and everything stops as Stefan stabs Katherine in the chest, sending her to hell as the fire perishes them both, killing them both and destroying hell.

Elena then dreams about Stefan who tells her about his sacrifice and how Damon is now cured and is a human, he tells her to tell Caroline that he got her message and that he will always love her, before leaving to what seems like his after life, finally reuniting with his best-friend Lexie.

Bonnie finally breaks the spell put on her and Elena, and Elena wakes up and they embrace. Mourning Stefan, Caroline and Damon embrace and then Delena is reunited. Life in mystic falls is beautiful as both Elena and Damon grow old and happy together. The episode was bombarded with many characters from the previous scenes who died tragically, showing up and revealing how they also have found peace and now are enjoying afterlife.

But in my opinion this was the perfect way to end the show, Stefan finally received the redemption he always craved, and reunited with his best-friend. Bonnie living her life to the fullest in honour of Enzo, deciding to travel the world. Damon and Elena being reunited and living out their lives together as they always wanted, and it was sweet to fast forward to after their deaths, in which they got to be with their families. Elena having always wanted to end up seeing her parents, her aunt Jenna and her uncle John. Caroline and Alaric starting the school for their girls and others as unique and gifted as them, converting the Salvatore boarding house as the school. Caroline also gets a letter from Klaus hinting that her story has yet not finished meaning she could most definitely cross over to The Originals, the spin off series. Every character got the ending that was definitely suited best to their story, their journey and it was delightful to see happy endings.


The final scene concludes with Stefan in after life in the Salvatore manor and hearing a knock on the door. As he opens it, he finds Damon standing there who says his iconic line “Hello Brother” before the brother embrace and the titles role, meaning the brothers found each-other in after life and found peace.

It was a beautiful episode titled, “I was feeling Epic”, a beautiful end to a beautiful story. The story of two brothers and their unconditional love for one and other. Their legacy will always remain and it will take everyone a long time before they can move on from this bittersweet end. Rest assured it will always be #TVDForever.


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